Band Grateful Dead
Venue Cafe Au Go Go
Location New York, NY
Date 9/29/69 - Monday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [41:32] ; He Was A Friend Of Mine % Doin' That Rag [7:30] > The Seven [7:04] > Good Lovin' [1:24] > Drums [6:26] > Good Lovin' [2:12] > St. Stephen [5:24] > The Eleven [10:32#]
Comments There were Early and Late shows on this date ; this is from the Early Show. He Was A Friend Of Mine is listed as according to Mike Bobrik, who saw this show. The other tunes listed are on the tape. There is a cut in St. Stephen about 15 seconds in, but probably only a few seconds are lost here. The tape breaks off just as they are shifting into the Eleven 2nd theme.

The Eleven analyzes St. Stephen > 1st vocals 1:05 > transition Jam 1:58 > Eleven Jam 3:20 > Eleven vocals 0:40 > Eleven Jam 3:23 > Eleven 2nd theme Jam 0:01#.
Recordings 45 A?
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Contributors Jim Powell Mike Bobrik
Caretaker Jim Powell email update