Band Grateful Dead
Venue Fillmore East
Location New York, NY
Date 9/18/70 - Friday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [17:22] ; Tuning [1:09] ; Truckin' [6:06] ; [2:41] ; Black Peter [5:20] ; [3:14]
Two [1:04:11] ; Honky Tonk Women [5:01] ; [0:06] % [0:03] ; Workin' Man Blues [4:04] % Superman [3:04] % Rainbow [4:16] % Dirty Business [9:50] % Last Lonely Eagle [6:27] % Fair Chance To Know [4:06] % Glendale Train [5:28] % [0:15] ; Louisiana Lady [3:37] % [0:28] ; The Race Is On [2:46] ; [0:18] ; Mama Tried [3:02] % Sawmill [3:56] ; [0:13] % [0:06] ; The Weight [6:34] ; [0:10]
Three [1:50:37] ; Tuning [0:06] ; Casey Jones [#4:38] % Sugar Magnolia [5:14] % Candyman [7:24] % Cryptical Envelopment [2:00] > Drums [4:53] > The Other One [10:08] > Cryptical Envelopment [3:03] > Brokedown Palace [5:05] ; It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World [8:54] % Tuning [0:49] % Till The Morning Comes [3:39] % Me And My Uncle [3:22] ; [1:40] ; Operator [2:29] ; [1:45] ; Dancing In The Street [12:35] ; [3:27] ; Saint Stephen [6:52] > Drums [0:08] > Not Fade Away [9:42] > Good Lovin' [2:12] > Drums [2:36] > Good Lovin' [8:20]
Encore [5:39] ; Tuning [3:49] ; And We Bid You Good Night [1:37] ; [0:13]
Comments Total time 3:17:59 +. Timings are from the AUD tape supplemented by the SBD. See Comments under 9/17/70 on the structure of this show.

Set 1 is acoustic Dead. Pigpen plays piano on Truckin'. David Nelson plays mandolin on Black Peter. During Black Peter, after "Go beneath the ground," Jerry stops the song cold, saying (in his most serious voice) "Hold it. This is insane, man. I'm sorry but it's just horrible up here. Really awful." Compare the previous night's false start of Truckin'. This time, though, they decide to abort the acoustic set and move directly to NRPS set, which is why this NRPS set is so long.

Set 2 is NRPS with Garcia, pedal steel guitar. This is probably the complete set. Bobby is featured vocalist on The Race Is On, Mama Tried and Sawmill.

Set 3 is an electric Dead set, probably complete. The first 15 seconds of Casey Jones are clipped on the circulating AUD tape. There are speed glitches on the master during the first Cryptical produced by the deck being jostled as someone passes; this problem recurs at several points during the set. In the pause before Dancin one of the drummers starts the Not Fade drum pattern and then pulls up short after one round when the band doesn't follow -- "Aw, no dice" is the taper's comment. There is a Tighten Up Jam starting about 9 minutes in to Dancin'. There is a cut in the AUD tape's Saint Stephen starting at 3:29; approximately 40 seconds are missing here -- probably a tape flip. The Jam out of Not Fade Away starts teasing Goin' Down The Road early on but never resolves into it either before or after a fairly developed Bid You Goodnight Jam. For the first 1:02 after the Good Lovin' Drums Phil solos with the drummers. The demonstration demanding an encore goes on over the Youngblood's version of Get Together playing on the PA.

Jack Toner mastered the circulating audience cassette source. This AUD master makes decent listening, especially the electric Dead set. The mics aren't right up front but they're not as far back in the hall as on 9/17/70 so the tape has better saturation and presence, and the audience noise isn't much worse.

The 80 minute SBD in circulation contains Truckin', Peter, and Me & My Uncle through the encore. The FM-SBD contains Me & My Uncle through the encore..


As they did in February and May '70, enterprising Fillmore East stagecrew patched a reel-to-reel deck under the stage into the PA feed and made SBD masters of the September '70 Fillmore East run. It is not clear how much of the run they managed to master. At present (10/00) no SBD tape from 9/17/70 has emerged into circulation but this does not mean that no masters exist. Several years ago about 50 minutes of SBD excerpts from the 9/18/70 electric Dead set (Operator through the encore) came into circulation, initially as FM-SBD broadcast by David Gans. During the same period approximately 70 minutes of SBD excerpts from the 9/19/70 electric Dead set came into circulation in the same fashion. Two SBD cassettes from 9/20/70 have been in circulation for more than 20 years; they contain both the acoustic and electric Dead sets nearly complete but nothing of the NRPS set. Recently a lower gen copy of these tapes have come into circulation (see Comments under 9/20/70).

Much of this run of shows has not yet emerged into circulation on SBD tape. To judge from the nearly complete SBD of 5/15/70 made by the same tapers, it seems plausible to think that all four September shows were taped in their entirety, including the NRPS sets. Whatever these masters contain, they are not in the vault; they are said to reside on the East Coast.

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09/18/70 The Fillmore East, New York City Ny - xcerpt
4.8, 061min, Sbd, A1D3, Reel M->Reel 1->Dat 3, 44k,
7inch Master Reels@7.5ips 1/2trk->1st Gen Reel->Dat x 0->SS->Dat x 2
Recordings 180 A? 45 A? 80 SB 50 FM
Master recording source(s): 7inch Master Reels@7.5ips 1/2trk
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