Band Grateful Dead
Venue Fillmore East
Location New York, NY
Date 9/17/70 - Thursday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [41:55] ; Truckin' False Start [0:18] ; [3:40] ; Truckin' [6:02] % Monkey And The Engineer [1:34] % [0:37] ; Dark Hollow [3:12] % [0:16] ; Friend Of The Devil [3:33] % [0:15] ; Ripple [4:17] % [1:51] ; Brokedown Palace [4:33] % Box Of Rain [5:31] % [0:16] ; Rosalie McFall [2:35] % [0:17] ; Cold Jordan [2:12] > Swing Low Sweet Chariot [0:30#]
Two [21:02] ; Six Days On The Road [2:53] ; [0:09] % I Don't Know You [3:57] % Superman [3:34] % [0:19] ; Henry [3:37] % [0:10] ; Portland Woman [5:22] % Cecilia [4:17]
Three [53:55] ; Tuning [0:09] ; Sugar Magnolia [5:02] % [0:15] ; Dark Star [27:10] > Saint Stephen [6:19] > Drums [0:53] > Good Lovin' [1:52] > Drums [3:54] > Good Lovin' [8:13]
Comments Total time 1:56:52 +. Set 1 is acoustic Dead, perhaps the complete set (though the AUD in circulation is missing most of Swing Low). The tape begins with Truckin', which has a piano loud in the PA mix; this is halted after 18 seconds by Garcia's shouts of "Hold it! Monitors! We won't play without the monitors." During the following banter Phil proposes "If you got a yellow dog bring him up here and we'll screw him." When they restart Truckin' Garcia calls out over its opening "Bring the piano down!" and it comes down in the PA mix over the next 20 seconds or so. Pigpen also plays piano on Brokedown Palace and Box Of Rain. David Nelson plays mandolin on Dark Hollow, Friend Of The Devil, Ripple, Rosalie McFall, Cold Jordan and Swing Low. Jerry plays pedal steel guitar and someone plays fiddle on Box Of Rain.

Set 2 is the beginning of the NRPS set. We must be missing at least another half dozen songs or so to make up the complete set. Probably the rest of the set exists on the AUD masters.

Set 3 is electric Dead, the conclusion of the show; probably this was preceded by at least a few more electric tunes. This is one of the major Dark Stars of the year. There is a Tighten Up Jam starting around 18:00 minutes in to Dark Star. About 3 minutes after the 2nd Drums in Good Lovin' Phil trios with the drummers for a minute or so.

This is a listenable AUD tape, mastered by Jack Toner on a Sony T-110 cassette deck; the mics are a ways back in the hall but the band is still decently audible and the audience noise is miraculously minimal for the venue. Most circulating copies are missing the opening 0:28 of the Dark Star; some are missing the last 0:37 of Good Lovin', but complete copies also circulate.

It seems probable that much more of this show exists on the AUD masters than is presently circulating or cataloged here (10/00). It would be nice to bring them into circulation complete. See Comments under 9/18/70 on the SBDs of this run.


The Fillmore East ad in the Village Voice for 9/10/70 (p. 44) lists "one show per night at 10, Sunday at 8" "by the Grateful Dead featuring NRPS, with Joe's Lights," nightly from Thursday 9/17 through Sunday 9/20. Each show during this run consisted of an acoustic Dead set, a NRPS set, and an electric Dead set; on the structure of mid-70 Dead shows see Comments under 05/02/70b.
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