Band Grateful Dead
Venue Family Dog at the Great Highway
Location San Francisco, CA
Date 8/29/69 - Friday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [[1:19:54] ; Casey Jones [5:08] ; [0:10] ; Easy Wind [7:55] ; [0:18] Me And My Uncle [3:07] > High Time [7:03] ; [1:03] ; New Orleans [3:24] > Searchin [3:21] > Good Lovin' Jam [0:26] > Good Lovin' [4:#00] ; [0:30] ; Dire Wolf [4:28] > King Bee [7:38] ; [0:15] ; Turn On Your Love Light [30:07] ; [0:43]
Comments The SBD master is a 7 inch reel at 7.5 ips 1/2 track. Timings are from the circulating cassette.

New Orleans ("Way Down The Mississippi Down To New Orleans") is the same song performed on 11/8/70 (and not, as sometimes reported, The Battle Of New Orleans).

In the pause before New Orleans Bobby responds to an audience request with "Hey Jude's a lost cause." Jerry counters with "The first request that blows our minds we'll do."

From Searchin' they segue into a Jam on Good Lovin' first and then Jerry leads off with the intro to the tune (after a false start -- or musical cue). Jerry handles vocals on Good Lovin'.

Good Lovin' has a cut at 1:09, 33:09 into the tape -- the result of a break in the master reel during the transfer to cassette ; probably less than 3 minutes are missing here.

The retard at the end of King Bee is pornographic.

"Thanks for keepin us high," says Jerry after Turn On Your Love Light.

The tape containing #Dark Star > St. Stephen > Eleven > Drums > High Time#, long in circulation mislabeled "Family Dog 8/29/69," is actually Family Dog 8/30/69.

Eaton lists:

08/29/69 The Family Dog, San Francisco Ca - complete
4.7, 082min, Sbd, A1D0, Reel M->Cass 1->Dat 0, 48k,
7inch Master Reels@7.5ips 1/2trk->Tascam 122mkIII Cass 1st Gen->3800 x 0

Recordings 80 SB
Master recording source(s): 7inch'Master Reels@7.5ips 1/2trk
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Contributors Jim Powell Dick Latvala Jim Wise
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