Band Grateful Dead
Venue Berkeley Community Theatre
Location Berkeley, CA
Date 8/25/72 - Friday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One (1) Cold Rain And Snow [5:51] ; (2) Black Throated Wind [5:56] ; He's Gone [8:42] (3) ; (4) Beat It On Down The Line [3:08] ; Loser [6:27] ; The Frozen Logger [0;39] ; (5) El Paso [4:36] ; Black Peter ; Jack Straw ; Friend Of The Devil ; The Promised Land ; Bird Song ; Playing In The Band ; Bertha
Two Truckin' > Jam > The Other One > Jam
Comments The 7 songs from the 1st set with timings are available. as SBD. The FM-SBD of Truckin' thru the Other one appeared on GDH #575. Setlists provided from anonymous non-vault source through Mr. Goetz. Jam prior to the Other one includes a Bass Solo. (1) Bill Graham: Haven't done this for a while. We'd like to introduce the boys for the people who are visiting from Boise. On piano, on piano Mr. Keith Godchaux. On vocals the other half of the twosome Ms Donna Godchaux. On bass and vocals Mr. Phillip Lesh. On drums Mr Bill Keutzman. On Rhythm guitar and vocals Mr Bob Weir. On lead guitar and vocals Mr Jerry Garcia. From Marin County the Grateful Dead. (2) Garcia: We have a little equipment sabotage happening. Our crack staff is working on it. (3) Donna: thank You. (4) Weir: that that goldarned thing is all busted. Gone and went and got busted. and uh and so they're gonna check it out and put a new one there. (5) Weir: Every year in Kentucky they have what's know as a hollering contest where Garcia: this ain't Kentucky man. It's Berkeley. Weir: this is this is the focal point of the dissemination of knowledge you know and I just thought I'd lay a little on them. Garcia: He had roses for lunch. Weir: You don't applaud the ten?? art of flower arrangement?
Recordings 45 SBD, 27 FM-SBD
Master recording source(s): 10inch Master Reels@7.5ips 1/2trk
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Contributors Richard Plumb, Jim Powell, Michael Goetz, David Gans
Caretaker Richard Plumb email update