Band Grateful Dead
Venue Fillmore West
Location San Francisco, CA
Date 8/17/70 - Monday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [10:12] ; Truckin' [#0:17] ; Let Me In [4:00] % Attics Of My Life [5:37] ; [0:14] ; Friend Of The Devil [0:04#] % Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Two Six Days On The Road % Honky Tonk Woman
Three Dancing In The Street % Mama Tried % It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World % Not Fade Away
Comments On the structure of mid-70 Dead shows see Comments under 05/02/70b. SET 1 is acoustic Dead. The tape containing the timed tunes usually circulates as unidentified filler, but a few copies bear this date, which seems plausible. Someone shouts for Kesey before Let Me In, which produces a mocking comment from Phil; the vibe strongly suggests the Fillmore West.

DeadBase IX lists a Casey Jones for this date. Set 2 was a NRPS set and SET 3 was electric dead. There is a review of this show by Michael Lydon posted on the Rolling Stone website. The untimed tunes are from the review.

Teddy GoodBear and Dave Tamarkin strongly dissent from this dating of the tape. They point out that the best copies they've located appear as filler on Ken Leigh's NYC area AUD masters. They believe that this tape is probably Ken's master from a show in fall '70 in the NYC area. They may be correct.

"Grateful Dead I Have Known," by Ed McClanahan (Playboy, March 72), is based on this run of shows. He doesn't get all the details right (or necessarily mean to -- he doesn't aim to publish a setlist) and it's definitely self-indulgent writing in the manner of Hunter Thompson & Tom Wolfe, but he does catch a hint of the flavor of the venue and the event, if from a tourist's point of view. A copy of the text of the article is available at 3-72
Recordings 11 AF
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