Band Grateful Dead
Venue Woodstock Music & Arts Fair - Max Yasgur's Farm
Location Bethel, NY
Date 8/16/69 - Saturday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [1:16:56] ; Intro [0:54] ; St. Stephen [1:#59] > Mama Tried [2:37] > High Time false start [0:23] ; [10:29] ; Dark Star [18:04] > High Time [5:31] % [0:03] ; Turn On Your Love Light [35:51] ; [1:13]
Comments Generally only the first 45 minutes of this set circulate -- omitting the Turn On Your Love Light (which features the acid ravings of Ken Babbs). There is a cut in Stephen on all circulating copies at about 1:25 ; most of the song is missing. After Mama Tried they segue into High Time but break off after 0:23 with Jerry saying, in a incredulous psychedelicized voice, "You want it *louder*?" Afterward there is an extensive pause for technical difficulties and stoned confusion. There is also a partial video of this set in circulation and boy do they looked loaded -- only Billy is still capable of keeping his cool.

Eaton lists:

08/16/69 Woodstock Music & Arts Fair, Max Yasgers Farm, Bethel Ny -complete
4.8, 094min, Sbd, A0D?, Reel M->SS->Dat 3, 44k,
1inch 8trk Master Reels@15ips->Sonic Solutions->Dat x 3

If Eaton's timing is correct nearly 20 minutes of this set are not circulating.
Recordings 80 SB
Master recording source(s): linch 8trk Master Reels@15ips
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Contributors Jim Powell Brian McAllister
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