Band Grateful Dead
Venue Piedmont Park
Location Atlanta, GA
Date 7/7/69 - Monday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [1:53:30] ; Morning Dew [10:12] ; [0:15] ; Mama Tried [3:12] > High Time [8:26] > Casey Jones [4:10] ; [2:25] ; Dark Star [26:#58] > St. Stephen [6:04] > The Eleven [14:36] > Turn On Your Love Light [36:#47] ; [0:25]
Comments This was a free concert in a city park. The Allman Bros. also performed. Bear's cassette master is the source of the circulating tape.

There is a cut at 19:39 into Dark Star, 46:37 into the show -- obviously a tape flip. Very little seems to be missing here.

The Eleven analyzes St. Stephen > 1st vocals 1:12 > transition Jam 2:20 > Eleven Jam 6:22 > Eleven vocals 0:42 > Eleven Jam 3:16 > Eleven 2nd theme Jam 0:44 > Turn On Your Love Light.

Sounds like Gregg Allman on B-3 during Turn On Your Love Light, and isn't that Duane discreetly Jamming his ass off, early on? There is another cut for a tape flip at 17:48 into Turn On Your Love Light. It's harder to tell how much might be lost here, but probably not much. Thanks Bear.

Eaton lists:

07/07/69 Piedmont Park, Atlanta Ga - complete
4.4, 112min, Sbd, A0D1, Cass M->Dat 1, 44k,
Ampex C-90 Master Cass/no dolby->3700 x 0->3800 x 1

Recordings 114 SB
Master recording source(s): Ampex C-90 Master Cass/no dolby
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Contributors Jim Powell Rob Eaton Jim Wise
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