Band Grateful Dead
Venue Paramount Northwest Theatre
Location Seattle, WA
Date 7/21/72 - Friday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One The Promised Land ; Sugaree [7:57] ; Black Throated Wind (1) [6:23] ; Cumberland Blues (2) [5:35] ; Me And Bobby McGee [5:45] ; Loser [6:55] ; Mexicali Blues (3) [3:37] ; China Cat Sunflower [5:45] > I Know You Rider [6:13] ; Beat It On Down The Line (4) [3:23] ; Stella Blue [7:41] ; Playing In The Band (5) [11:47] ; Tennessee Jed [6:50#]
Two Casey Jones [6:29] ; Weather Report Suite Prelude [0:52] ; Me And My Uncle (6) [2:58] ; Deal [4:04] ; Jack Straw [5:01] ; He's Gone [8:22] ; Truckin' (7) [10:50] > Drums [1:12] > Jam (8) [3:15] > The Other One [23:10] > Comes A Time [7:30] ; Sugar Magnolia [7:00] ; Ramble On Rose [6:26] ; Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [5:21] > Not Fade Away [3:19]
Comments The complete show except the Promised Land, with Sugaree, China Cat Sunflower and Ramble on Rose fragmentary (1) Before BT Wind Weir: this is an integral part of our show. Hasslin' around. Diddle diddle. (2) After BT Wind Weir: thank You. Before Cumberland Weir: We got an equipment malfunction. Which is to say everything is going as usual. Any minute now. (3) After Loser Weir: Billy's taking a union's drummers break. Before Mexicali Weir: this next one's dedicated to the great state of tiajuana. (4) Before BIODTL Audience member: Where's Pigpen? Weir: Pigpen's not with us tonight. He's home sick. He's gonna be sick for a few months and uh and I know that you all join us sending your best wishes back to him. I'll tell him that. Keith?: 47 Weir: 47? Garcia: 47's too many man. ..unintelligible chatter follwos Weir: a shook up beer back there. Well Jesse Longcat Fuller's a name to remember and respected and revered. This is one of his songs, we stole it. He's a one man band you know. 5 beats. (5) Weir: Alright now I'd like to introduce the newest member of our musical family, Mrs. Donna Jean Godchaux. Donna: Hi Weir: and she's going to help us out on vocals here. We're gonna hold everything for a moment. Next one's in the key of D. (6) After hilariously bad version of WRS Prelude Weir: Well anyway ha ha what we're gonna do next is history. (7) Before Truckin' Weir: this is something we should've done a couple of minutes ago but we're gonna do it now instead. Weir: this is why they call us a boogie band. 1,2..1,2 (8) Bass and Drums Duet
Recordings 180 SBD; Complete show except for The Promised Land available in Grateful Dead download series (volume 10).
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