Band Grateful Dead
Venue Fillmore East
Location New York, NY
Date 7/11/70 - Saturday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [50:55] ; Monkey And The Engineer [1:42] % Don't Ease Me In [2:57] % I've Been All Around This World [4:21] % Dark Hollow [3:15] % Black Peter [6:30] % El Paso [5:30] % New Speedway Boogie [10:10] % So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) [3:54] % [1:01] ; Rosalie McFall [3:00] % A Voice From On High [2:40] % Cold Jordan [2:22] % Swing Low Sweet Chariot [2:46]
Two [42:37] ; Whatcha Gonna Do [4:18] % Truck Drivin' Man [3:42] % Dirty Business [7:03] % Lodi [4:57] % Last Lonely Eagle [5:32] % The Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line [3:26] % Fair Chance To Know [3:57] % Henry [1:26#] % Honky Tonk Women [4:55]
Three [1:50:05] ; Night Of The Living Dead Intro [0:48] % Morning Dew [10:36] % Sittin' On Top Of The World [3:07] % Me And My Uncle [3:21] % Drums [0:16] > Not Fade Away [14:53] % Casey Jones [5:06] % Mama Tried [2:44] % Drums [0:37] > Good Lovin' [1:49] > Drums [7:36] > Good Lovin' [9:03] % High Time [6:45] % Cumberland Blues [4:43] % China Cat Sunflower [3:17] > Jam [3:38] > I Know You Rider [4:23] % Viola Lee Blues [19:04] ; [0:44] ; Uncle John's Band [6:57]
Comments Total time 3:23:37 +. See Comments under 07/09/70 on the structure of this show. This list and the timings are based on Kenny Schachat's AUD tape of the show; his mics were about 15 rows back in the center orchestra and the tapes are in the A minus range for the period. As often on masters from this period, tape pauses between nearly every tune ("to save batteries"). There are also copies of another master in circulation, containing the second half of the acoustic set, and nearly all the electric set with the sequence completely scrambled. Circulating copies are higher generation and it's difficult to tell how kind the master itself might sound. The New Minglewood Blues appearing at the end of Side A of the 1st cassette of the 2nd AUD master is actually filler from 7/10/70. Bart Wise says that R.T.Carlyle mastered one of the AUDs for this date, so perhaps this 2nd AUD master is his.

SET 1 is acoustic Dead. David Nelson plays mandolin on Rosalie McFall, A Voice From On High, Cold Jordan and Swing Low Sweet Chariot. Jerry plays electric guitar on New Speedway, but Bobby still acoustic. So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) is an Everly Brothers tune. Marmaduke contributes bass vocals to the gospel tunes.

SET 2 is NRPS with Garcia, pedal steel. This seems a little short to be the complete set, but at 2:00 AM apparently it was.

SET 3 is the electric Dead set, apparently complete. The Not Fade Away is expansively Jammed out. There are Mountain Jam allusions around 6:00 and for several minutes starting around 8:00 they weave The Other One in and out of Not Fade.

In the last couple years some people have argued that our tapes and lists for 7/11/70 and 7/12/70 are switched. As I see it the strongest evidence against this argument is that there are two different AUD masters in circulation, both generally labeled "7/11/70." It is for this reason that I believe our tapes and lists for these dates are correct as given here.

There is at least one bogus tape in circulation mislabeled with this venue & date.
Recordings 225 AF 135 A?
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