Band Grateful Dead
Venue Seattle Center Arena
Location Seattle, WA
Date 6/26/73 - Tuesday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One Casey Jones > Greatest Story Ever Told ; Brown Eyed Women ; Jack Straw ; Box Of Rain ; Deal ; Mexicali Blues ; You Ain't Woman Enough ; Row Jimmy ; The Race Is On ; China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider ; Beat It On Down The Line ; Loser ; Playing In The Band
Two Bertha [6:11] > The Promised Land [3:10] ; They Love Each Other [5:54] ; El Paso [4:35] ; Black Peter [9:36] ; Big River [4:40] ; Here Comes Sunshine [11:34] ; Me And My Uncle [2:52] ; He's Gone [13:47] > Truckin' [8:49] > Drums [1:43] > The Other One [6:34] > Me And Bobby McGee [5:23] > The Other One [17:59] > Sugar Magnolia [9:18]
Encore Johnny B. Goode [4:40]
Comments Notes from optimal copy of the audience source:
AUDMC > Reel > Reel > DAT > WAV > SHN

Recorded by Donn Amick, FOB, Sony EMC mics spread out across the row > TC-152 master cassette > Amick's Reel recorded at 7-1/2ips > Reel(w/ Dolby).
A > D by Noah Weiner ( November, 2002

Reel playback on Pioneer RT-701 > Teac AN-180 Dolby decoder > Fostex D5 DAT (A>D only) > Turtle Beach Montego II Digital I/O > Soundforge (wav edits and track IDs) > SHNTOOL (SBE fix) > MKW (shn)

This recording is the same master that is found on current copies listed as AUD>MR>C>DAT>CD. That genealogy is completely fabricated. Not only was the recording not mastered on reel, but Amick put his master cassette onto reel and all direct copies he made, that we know of (2), came from that. Judging from the drastic difference in sound quality, this other listing is AUDMC>R>?>C>DAT>CD at best. The difference in sound quality is absolutely striking.
notes: At 3:24 into Casey Jones, something is switched on the master tape (bias?) which results in a great improvement of sound quality. Also, Amick edited Drums on his reel. It might also be missing from the master, as there are no copies to be found (now) with more of the Drums from his recording. No additional editing was performed to mask this original edit.
Recordings 200 AUD + 105 SBD: the complete show from AUD source. There are at least two AUD masters. The soundboard contains Bertha through Johnny B. Goode, except Black Peter. Timings for the second set from the newer SBD source.
Master recording source(s): 7inch Master Reels@7.5ips 1/2trk
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Contributors Tim Buller, Jim Powell, Kevin Weil, Teddy Goodbear, Noah Weiner
Caretaker Kevin Weil email update