Band Grateful Dead
Venue Earl Warren Showgrounds
Location Santa Barbara, CA
Date 4/29/67 - Saturday posters tickets, passes & laminates
Two Viola Lee Blues
Comments Eyewitness (Dennis Donley) notes: "4/29/67 was my first Dead show. They played two sets that evening, with the Doors playing their set between the two. I do know, with absolute certainty that the Dead opened their second set with Viola Lee Blues. The first album had just come out a month or so before and I was mesmerized by that tune. After the Doors finished their set and left everyone fairly stunned, the Dead came back out almost immediately, and either Weir or Garcia said, 'How about a little Viola Lee Blues', whereupon I hopped on the bus for good." "You may be somewhat dubious of this information. I cannot tell you another song played by the Dead that evening. I can tell you that I am the source for the Deadbase notation for that show." Other Artist(s) - the Doors, UFO & Captain Speed. To see the concert art: < >
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Contributors Dennis Donley , David Sorochty , Teddy GoodBear , Adrian M. Johnson .
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