Band Grateful Dead
Venue Mammoth Gardens
Location Denver, CO
Date 4/24/70 - Friday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [33:11] ; Tuning [0:10] ; I Know You Rider [7:57] ; Intro [1:22] ; Monkey And The Engineer [1:44] ; [0:56] ; Friend Of The Devil [3:42] ; [0:13] ; Me And My Uncle [3:26] ; [0:25] ; Candyman [5:40] ; [0:29] ; Uncle John's Band [6:34] ; [0:25]
Two [1:07:09] ; Tuning [0:41] ; Easy Wind [8:55] ; [0:44] ; Cumberland Blues [4:44] ; [0:08] % Dire Wolf [3:56] ; [0:11] % Dark Star [24:39] > Saint Stephen [5:54] > The Eleven [13:55] > Drums [1:23] > Jam [2:02] % It's A Man's Man's Man's World [#5:22]
Comments Total time 1:40:20 +. SET 1 may be the complete acoustic Dead set, though it's possible songs are missing before Rider. Broken string comment/delay before Dark Star. Over the applause following Uncle John Jerry says "we're gonna bring on the electric Dead." According to Bill Ray, who attended the show, there was definitely a set break, and Stu Green, who produced the show, confirms this. He adds: "My main impression of the audiences those nights was that they came expecting Live Dead and (at least for the opening sets) got Workingman's Dead. I remember that during the intermission people were kind of real smiley and saying 'Wow, the Dead are playing folk music!' Pigpen was frail and jaundiced, and had to rest in the dressing room during parts of the shows." Spencer Wren, another audience member, recalls that Hammond opened, followed by NRPS with Jerry on pedal steel and Phil playing bass.

SET 2 is electric Dead. It may be that a tune or two featuring Bobby's vocals or Pigpen's is missing in the splices before and after Dire Wolf. There is a Tighten Up Jam starting about 13 minutes into Dark Star. The Jam during which the reel audibly runs out sounds like it's heading for Good Lovin'. According to Wren, Pigpen and Hammond came out and Jammed by way of an encore after the Dead finished their electric set, around 1:30 AM.

The Eleven analyzes Saint Stephen > 1st vocals 1:05 > transition Jam 2:19 > Eleven Jam 3:08 > Eleven vocals 0:40 > Eleven Jam 4:57 > Eleven 2nd theme Jam 1:46 > Drums.

This tape's fidelity leaves something to be desired for the first few minutes but by the beginning of Friend Of The Devil the taper gets his levels up (the PA levels come up during Rider) and thereafter this is fairly decent AUD tape, not dead on in the sweet spot but quite listenable. It's possible the mics were repositioned before the electric set and/or before Dark Star. Bill Ray reports that John Hammond opened.

All of the listed tunes except the concluding fragment of Man's World have been in circulation for many years dated "4/24/70." Recently the Man's World fragment came into circulation, labeled as part of this same tape. This list, however, strikingly resembles the list in the review of the next night (see Comments under 4/25/70), particularly with the addition of Man's World. On the other hand the eyewitnesses appear to vouch for this list as the 24th. Perhaps the show reviewed is misdated, or perhaps there is a mix-up in the dating of this tape, or of the fragment of Man's World.
Recordings 101 AF
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