Band Grateful Dead
Venue Tivolis Koncertsal
Location KÝbenhavn (Copenhagen), Dšnemark (Denmark)
Date 4/17/72 - Monday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [45] ; Cold Rain And Snow [5:20] (1) ; Me And Bobby McGee [5:45] ; Chinatown Shuffle [2:33] (2) ; China Cat Sunflower [7:00] > I Know You Rider [4:55] (3) ; Jack Straw [4:39] ; He's Gone [6:45] ; Next Time You See Me [3:57] (4) ; Black Throated Wind [6:10] (5) ; Casey Jones [5:38] ; Mr. Charlie ;
Two [55] ; Playing In The Band [9:14] (6) ; Sugaree [6:29] ; One More Saturday Night [4:30] (11); ; It Hurts Me Too [7:08] (7) ; Ramble On Rose [5:52] (8) ; El Paso [4:30] ; Big Railroad Blues [3:15] ; Truckin' [10:46] (9) ;
Three [65] ; Dark Star [30:54] > ; Sugar Magnolia [7:00] > ; Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) [23:37] ; Johnny B. Goode [4:03] (10)
Comments Complete show on soundboard. Set List corrected per the 'Europe 72: Complete Recordings" release fall 2011. Most of show appeared on Danish Television in 1972. The video has been replayed on various European channels and it contains It Hurts Me too, El Paso, Big Railroad Blues, Ramble on Rose, Truckin', Bobby McGee, Chinatown Shuffle, China/Rider, Jack Straw, Next time You See Me, He's Gone, One More Saturday Night. Truckin' has appeared on the commerical video releases "Casey Kasem's Goldmine" and "Anthem to Beauty". (1) Weir: Thank you folks. Dedicated por los muertos. (2) Pigpen: Thank you. Garcia: Bobby's got a broken string. He just broke a string in the middle of that last tune, so he's gonna change it and all that. Lesh: You can stop the tapes and uh. Garcia: We're coasting to a start. (3) Jam 3:25 (4) Pigpen: Thank you. Lesh: Do, do, do. Hey I just realized my monitors don't work. Do those monitors work over there? Weir: These don't work either. Lesh: My microphone works, it just the monitors.. (Weir, Garcia and Lesh then talk over each other and it's hard to transcribe). Godchaux plays (5) Garcia: We're gonna take a little short break here and then come back in a few minutes for this TV thing. Lesh: We've been warming up. Garcia: We'll do the TV thing (unintelligible) Weir: Very Special. It's very special. Garcia: Thanks a lot. (6) Weir: Thank you. (7) Pigpen: Thank you. (8) Weir: Hey folks the TV show ain't over. Garcia: Yea it is. (9) Pigpen(or Garcia): Thank you. Weir: We're gonna take a short break and we'll be back in just a few minutes so don't go nowhere. Garcia: Right. Sorry about this business down here. We'll fix it. (10) Weir: Good Night Folks (11) Weir: See you later. Bye Bye. (Weir probably says this because it is the end of the television broadcast).
Recordings 170 SBD (complete show), 80 VIDEO
Master recording source(s): 14inch 16trk Master Reels@15ips
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Contributors Richard Plumb, Jim Powell, Hanno Bunjes
Caretaker Richard Plumb email update