Band Grateful Dead
Venue Winterland Arena
Location San Francisco, CA
Date 3/5/72 - Sunday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One (1) Bertha [5:48] ; Black Throated Wind [5:42] (2) ; Mr. Charlie [4:06] ; Sugaree [7:13] ; Greatest Story Ever Told [3:43] ; Next Time You See Me [4:38] ; Tennessee Jed [6:50] ; Jack Straw [4:52] ; China Cat Sunflower [#5:48] > I Know You Rider [4:#55] ; Mexicali Blues [3:32] ; You Win Again [3;49] ; El Paso [#4:18] ; Casey Jones [#5:57] (4)
Two Good Lovin' [16:24] (1) ; Not Fade Away [3:20] > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [7:08] > Not Fade Away [3:10]
Encore One More Saturday Night [#4:29]
Comments (1) Graham: ... No really the Grateful Dead (2) Weir: We're in the course of ironing out a few problems here. Seems Billy's monitor speaker don't work and it's being seen to right now by a technician (4) Weir: We're gonna take a short break and we'll be back in a few minutes see you then AUD is very good, but seems to have most between song dead air/tuning removed. Notes regarding timings from SBD tape. First few notes of tennessee Jed, China Cat Sunflower and El Paso are clipped. There is a splice in I Know You Rider; at 0:21 it cuts off and comes back in right away on cue before the "Lay down last night" verse. Two or three runs through the chorus are missing. Casey Jones comes in on the "High on cocaine," chorus before the first verse. (1) Good Lovin' {#6:33}> Mind Left Body Jam {1:41}> Good Lovin' {8:10} Fades in 30 seconds before the first verse. There is a definite pause in the beat before MLBJ. Pigpen does rap a bit over it. Garcia is particularly rippin' from MLBJ on. *SNIT beginning clipped; first verse comes in after 9 seconds
Recordings 135 AUD (complete show) And 90 SBD where the 1st 6 songs (Bertha through Next Time You See Me) are missing.
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Contributors Richard Plumb, Jim Powell, Dave Hull, Kevin Weil
Caretaker Richard Plumb email update