Band Grateful Dead
Venue Haight Street
Location San Francisco, CA
Date 3/3/68 - Sunday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One Viola Lee Blues [21:03] ; Smokestack Lightnin' [11:#57] % Turn On Your Lovelight [#14:10] ; It Hurts Me Too (1) [3:11#] ; Cryptical Envelopment > The Other One > Cryptical Envelopment ; Dancing In The Street (2)
Comments (1) the master tape is incomplete, as the tapers' batteries were low. David Gans played the timed portion on KPFA, minus the that's it For the Other one suite which was recorded, but damaged by the battery problem. (2) DeadBase XI reports that the taper remembers that the closer was Dancing in the Streets. It is possible that additional songs were played between the second Cryptical and Dancin'. There is a new circulating copy of 3/3/68 on CDR that is Steve Brown's Uher MAR>DAT>WAV>CDR, has the complete version of it Hurts Me too, and the beginning of Cryptical Envelopment before the batteries finally do die. It Hurts Me too & Cryptical Envelopment# were speed-corrected via DAL Card Delux. Larry, an eyewitness writes: "i remember getting off the bus on haight street that spring day, pushing my way through the crowds to see what all the excitement was about (i didn't know- did anyone? -that the dead were parking a flat bed truck across haight street to play a free gig!) ...completely by accident, i got there (well, within a few hundred feet) just as they fired up the music... the bus came by and i was splattered like a bug on the windshield!!! ...the version of "dancing in the streets" (which, unfortunately, isn't on the tape) was not the "disco" version they came up with later, but a much stronger r&b/rocking tune... I never forgot that set.... and, though mickey had been with the band for a while, it was news to me, since this was my first time seeing them (only one drummer on that first, imo, great album!"
Recordings 60 A? Only Viola Lee Blues thru the first Cryptical circulates.
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Contributors David Sorochty , David Gans , Gordon Sharpless , Andy Lemieux , Larry , Robert Jacobson , Dan Lynch
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