Band Grateful Dead
Venue Coliseum
Location Hampton , VA
Date 3/28/88 - Monday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One Feel Like A Stranger [11:06] > Franklin's Tower [11:23] ; Box Of Rain [5:27] ; When Push Comes To Shove [4:41] ; Walkin'Blues [6:41] ; It Must Have Been The Roses [6:13] ; When I Paint My Masterpiece [5:23] ; Bird Song [11:17] ; The Music Never Stopped [7:44]
Two Touch Of Gray [6:31] > Man Smart, Woman Smarter [7:47] ; Ship of Fools 8:03] ; Truckin' 8:15] > Drums 8:30] > Space [8:24] > The Other One [6:43] > Stella Blue [8:17] > Throwing Stones [10:04] > Not Fade Away [7:18]
Encore The Mighty Quinn [5:03]
Comments On the Sbd at the end of Franklin's Tower. Phil (in response to some yelling or minor 'We want Phil' chant): "All you folks down front, didn't your Mommy ever tell you. . . you can't always get what you want." (some audience comment) Phil: "Bunch of weisenheimers, huh?" Band breaks into Box of Rain, Phil flubs the lyrics but ad libs with: "What do you want me to do, to remember the words, to see you through? Well please don't be surprised when you find me forgetting them!"
Recordings Audience and Soundboard Source
Master recording source(s): Ultra Matrix DAT Master
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Contributors Gary Dobson, Paul Gibian, Bryan Burns
Caretaker Paul Gibian email update