Band Grateful Dead
Venue Troupers Hall
Location Los Angeles, CA
Date 3/25/66 - Friday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One Stealin' [#1:37] ; Jam [7:41] ; Hey Little One [4:46] ; Hog For You Baby [2:49] ; You Don't Have To Ask [5:56]
Two Cold Rain And Snow [3:24] ; Next Time You See Me [2:30#]
Comments Thayer Jennings: After You Don't Have to Ask, Garcia says: "Okay, we'll be back in just a few scant minutes." & Lesh: "We're gonna take a little break now. Don't forget: on the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th..."(cut). DeadBase X: After Hey Little one -- Bob: "Hey Little one". After Cold Rain and Snow -- Bobby: "That was Cold Rain and Snow". Transcribed by Teddy GoodBear: troupers Hall was the meeting room for a retired actor's club in Hollywood. The rent for the gig could'nt. have been much. We did everything ourselves, all in two days. We plastered handbills all over Hollywood. Stage decor was a few lengths of paisley cloth purchased that afternoon at a fabric store. For a box office, we had a card table and a cigar box. Our not-quite-full house must have had over a hundred people; and when the night was over, our net take was $75. At 2 o'clock in the morning, we went to Cantor's Deli on Fairfax and spent it all on dinner for everybody -- with desert. -- Grateful Dead Family Album (page 43). to listen to the show using "Real Audio":
Recordings 30 SB. The complete list circulates In SBD. The beginning of Stealin' is clipped with A significant portion missing. The end of Next Time You See Me cuts with A significant portion missing. Sometimes this recording incorrectly circulates as 01/??/66 or 01/22/66. To see A recording box label, (as per Michael Wanger letter, see 07/??/66), from Golden State Recorders:
Master recording source(s): 10inch Master Reel @15ips 1/2trk
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Contributors Jeff Tiedrich , Thayer Jennings , Teddy GoodBear , David Sorochty , Michael Wanger , Grateful Dead Family Album--p.43, DeadLegs , Su
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