Band Grateful Dead
Venue Springfield Civic Center Arena
Location Springfield, MA
Date 3/24/85 - Sunday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One Bertha ; The Promised Land ; Althea ; Me And My Uncle > Mexicali Blues ; Ramble On Rose ; New Minglewood Blues > Deal
Two [1:12] Samson And Delilah [8:20]> Cumberland Blues [6:27]; Man Smart (Woman Smarter) [#7:41]> He's Gone [10:12]> Spoonful [5:34]> Drums (1) [7:#57]> Space [4:14]> Dear Mr. Fantasy [4:52]> Throwing Stones [8:56]> Not Fade Away (2) [9:20]
Encore U.S. Blues [5:07]
Comments (1) Jerry stays on stage with drummers for a couple minutes (not really a jam). Spoonful timing ends when Brent leaves stage. (2)- Jerry, Billy, & Mickey never leave the stage before US Blues.
Master recording source(s): Nak 550 Cass Master FOB center w2/AKG 451's+CK8 guns+U-87blend
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Contributors Barry Barnes ; David Hollister ; Joel Marcx
Caretaker Barry Barnes email update