Band Grateful Dead
Venue Family Dog at the Great Highway
Location San Francisco, CA
Date 2/4/70 - Wednesday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [00:16:18] ; Hard To Handle [6:26] ; [0:09] % [0:03] ; China Cat Sunflower [3:15] > Jam [2:13] > I Know You Rider [4:23] ; [0:10]
Two [00:20:20] ; Saint Stephen [2:20] > Not Fade Away [7:01] > Saint Stephen [2:23] ; In The Midnight Hour [8:03] ; [0:24]
Three [00:09:02] ; Jam [#9:02#]
Comments SET 1 is the portion of the Dead's set that was broadcast as part of a PBS television documentary, "San Francisco Rock: A Night At The Family Dog," filmed at the Family Dog on 2/4/70; DeadBase IX says it was broadcast on 12/13/70.

SET 2 transcribes a vault reel from this date. It includes a copy of China Cat > Rider, plus the tunes listed in Set 2, apparently material that was not broadcast.

In addition to the Dead's three tunes, the 60-minute cassette from the PBS broadcast includes the Airplane doing You, Me and Pooneil and Eskimo Blue Day, Santana doing Incident at Neshabur and Soul Sacrifice; and a Jam involving musicians from all the bands.

SET 3 is from this Jam; it is already underway when the tape segment begins and the segment cuts before its conclusion. Among musicians readily audible in this fragment of furious Jamming are Kaukonen, Garcia, Santana, Casady, Santana's rhythm section. Besides the 60-minute cassette, video tape of the broadcast is also in circulation, and audio tapes dubbed from it.
Recordings 20 SB
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