Band Grateful Dead
Venue Carousel Ballroom
Location San Francisco, CA
Date 2/14/68 - Wednesday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One Morning Dew [#6:24] % Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [#12:26] % Dark Star [#4:10] > China Cat Sunflower [4:06] > The Eleven [5:09] > Turn On Your Lovelight [9:01] (1) ; [0:05]
Two Cryptical Envelopment (2) [1:42] > The Other One [3:06] > Cryptical Envelopment [3:58] > New Potato Caboose [8:37] > Born Cross-Eyed [2:46] > Spanish Jam [11:59]; [3:14]; Alligator [3:17] > Drums [2:27] > Alligator (3) [7:56] > Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) [10:40] > Feedback [5:24]
Encore In The Midnight Hour [9:51] (4)
Comments The Dead played their first set, then Country Joe and the Fish played, then the Dead did their second set. Only Country Joe and the second Dead set were FM broadcast. Much of this show was used for Anthem of the Sun. The cuts at the start of the first 3 songs of set 1 appear to be very brief - just the first few notes of each intro. China Cat Sunflower and the Eleven blend seamlessly together; evidence seems to imply that they were one and the same song during this period (see David Gans' interview with Robert Hunter in his book "Conversations With the Dead," p.24). Lovelight contains a small splice/dropout at about 3:14. Many Set 1 tapes in circulation only include Dark Star thru Lovelight. (1) After Lovelight: Weir: "Thank you." Garcia: "Uh, we have for a while. We'll be back later on. Country Joe & the Fish are gonna..." (tape cuts). (2) Announcements preceding set 2: Announcer: "...soon to have an album out (unintelligible), the Grateful Dead" Garcia: "Why, thank you. Thank you." (sarcastic) Weir(off-mic): "Now for our next morbid selection..." Garcia: "Okay, we've got a few things to say before we get into the real thing of it, and that is that some friends of ours, Lavelle & tiffany, just had a kid." Lesh: "Happy Lavelle." Garcia: "Yeah, Happy Lavelle, and we'd like to dedicate (unintelligible)...and also..." Lesh: "Whole set, whole date, whole year..." Garcia: "And also, we respectfully dedicate this set to the memory of Neal Cassady." (audience cheers) Weir: "And in particular this song." Lesh (talking over Weir): "Ernie Bo-Peep, we hope, is listening." Weir: "Ernie Bo-Peep." Lesh: "Ernie Bo-Peep." Weir: (off-mic, counts off Cryptical intro) (3) tape flip in Alligator jam appears to be the same one as is on copies from the older source. (4) Midnight Hour cuts mid-jam at [6:02] on the SBD, significantly earlier than on copies from the old FM source. On those tapes, only the last few notes appear to be clipped, with the song timing [9:51] to that point. Some copies in circulation do have the continuation of the Midnight Hour encore patched in, after which the following announcement is made: "Hey remember, we're all prisoners till everybody is free. So tomorrow come out to San Quentin - they need our support. One o'clock, or one-thirty, or two o'clock. Anytime around then. Country Joe and the Fish came here from New York tonight, uh, and so when they left it was about four o'clock their time (in the morning) and they got up at eight. They wanted to stay around, jam some more, but - uh - their gonna rest up and come out to San Quentin tomorrow - as well as the Dead, and some of the Airplane, and some of the other bands." Then the KMPX radio DJ then comes on and questions weather they will play some more, determines that they won't, and then says that the time is now twenty past two. The timing for this song needs to be updated to include the ending and the post-show banter.
Recordings 120 SB MSR->DAT->CDR, 90 FM (Set 2 only), sampled for Anthem of the Sun
Master recording source(s): 10inch-8trk Master Reels@15ips
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Contributors David Sorochty , David Minton , Tim Anderson , Scott Allan, the Compendium Crew, "The Art Of Rock" book p182, Richard Pipes , Adrian M. Johnson
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