Band Grateful Dead
Venue Fillmore Auditorium
Location San Francisco, CA
Date 2/12/67 - Sunday posters tickets, passes & laminates
Comments "Abe Lincoln's Birthday Party, Council for Civil Unity Benefit". Other artist(s): Moby Grape, Sly & the Family Stone, New Salvation Army Banned and Notes From the Underground. To see the concert art by artist Hank Lelo: < > David Sorochty: this tape is mislabeled compilation tape of material from 11/19/66. This tape was in circulation for years before the complete 11/19/66 became available. There is some reverb at the beginning of High-Heeled Sneakers which must have been added later since it is the 11/19/66 performance, which does not have the reverb. Jim Powell: All tapes circulated marked with this date are mislabeled. High Heel Sneakers, Cold Rain and Snow, and Smokestack Lightning are all 11/19/66; the Smokestack Lightning > King Bee is Studio 67. Teddy GoodBear: While it may be true that all tapes marked with this date are mislabeled, I have a Smokestack Lightning that I got in the late 70's marked "2/12/67". I'm not able to tell whether it is a studio or show version, but it definetly is NOT 11/19/66. It also seems to end without going into anything; as being not the same as below (??/??/67) "Smokestack Lightning > I'm a King Bee" entry. I agree with the few that believe Smokestack being played in 1966 was too early! Teddy GoodBear later goes on to say: My Smokestak tape (which sounds very slow) is as follows - Bob Weir Interview* [1:20] (talks about Mime troupe billed as GD formally the Warlocks, Bill Graham calling Billy K. for advice & Bill Graham is the one with the clipboard at the trips Festival). *Where is this from? If anybody has the rest of this interview, let me know. Smokestack# [to 9:41#] Now, I'm not sure if it's different than 11/19/66. It may be the same as Jim said. Being so slow it's hard to tell. I didn't. remember the cut I had, but there is a cut none the less. Perhaps someone with pitch control can speed it up & compare it to the 11/19/66 one.
Recordings (?) SB. From A unknown generation source.
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Contributors Jeff Tiedrich , David Sorochty , Teddy GoodBear , Jim Powell , Hank Lelo.
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