Band Grateful Dead
Venue Activity Center - University of Colorado
Location Boulder, CO
Date 12/9/81 - Wednesday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One Cold Rain And Snow [5:47] ; Jack Straw [6:10] ; Friend Of The Devil[8:18] > Little Red Rooster [8:24] ; Bird Song [8:54] ; Mama Tried [2:27] > Mexicali Blues [4:51] ; Candyman [6:13] ; Cassidy [5:48] ; Looks Like Rain[8:11] > China Cat Sunflower [6:24] > I Know You Rider [6:04]
Two Scarlet Begonias [10:12] > Fire On The Mountain [8:50] ; Estimated Prophet [9:14#] > He's Gone [12:#51] > Drums [6:#38] > Space [9:31] > The Other One [7:#41] > Stella Blue [9:35] > Around And Around [3:42] > Good Lovin' [7:22#]
Encore U.S. Blues [4:56] > Satisfaction [6:22]
Comments First set timed from an AUD, second set from a worthless SBD with the following cuts and splices: Estimated cuts off and seems to restart with the opening notes of He's Gone which has a splice of its own. A segment of the Drums has been cut out. A minor splice appears in the Other one. and finally, Good Lovin' cuts off. If that's not enough for you, the first set SBD has a minor (about 11 secs) splice in Bird Song and the first 30 seconds or so is missing from I Know You Rider. Some people should not be allowed near tapes. *Satisfaction timing provided by Paul Gibian
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