Band Grateful Dead
Venue Capitol Theater
Location Port Chester, NY
Date 11/8/70 - Sunday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [43:09] ; Dire Wolf [4:15] ; [0:35] ; I Know You Rider [8:10] ; [0:17#] ; Dark Hollow (1) [3:00] ; [0:38] ; Rosalie McFall [2:57] ; El Paso [4:39] ; Operator [2:13] ; Ripple [4:13] ; Friend Of The Devil [3:30] ; Wake Up Little Susie [2:11] ; Uncle John's Band [6:10] ; [0:05]
Two [55:07] ; Six Days On The Road [2:53] ; Superman [3:22] ; Whatcha Gonna Do [4:20] ; Glendale Train [5:10] ; All I Ever Wanted [7:38] ; Fair Chance To Know [3:50] ; Portland Woman [5:15] ; Cecilia [4:13] ; Truck Drivin' Man [3:07] ; Last Lonely Eagle [6:22] ; Louisiana Lady [3:30] ; Honky Tonk Women [4:48]
Three [2:01:33] ; Morning Dew [10:53] ; Me And My Uncle [3:12] ; Mystery Train [3:39] > My Babe [2:58] ; Around And Around [3:03] ; New Orleans [4:24] > Searchin' [5:54] ; It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [10:10] ; Casey Jones [4:32] ; Truckin' [8:11] > Dark Star [24:22] > Dancing In The Street [10:33] ; Drums [0:28] > Not Fade Away [6:18] > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [6:06] > Not Fade Away [2:26] > Drums [0:27] > Good Lovin' [1:54] > Drums [4:07] > Good Lovin' [7:56]
Comments Total time 3:38:49 +. SET 1 is acoustic Dead; timings from the 2nd AUD master (2AUD). (1) Bobby on King Kong vs. Godzilla
Jerry says "Be back in a few minutes with the New Riders" after the first set. SET 2 is NRPS with Garcia, pedal steel; timings from 1AUD. SET 3 is electric Dead; timings are from the 3rd AUD master (3AUD) through Casey Jones, thereafter 1AUD supplemented with 2AUD. Following Friend Of The Devil Jerry plays the guitar intro of Mississippi John Hurt's version of Stack O Lee (cf. Taj Mahal's recording); after he breaks off Bobby says "Sorry, that one hasn't passed the hotelroom stage yet. We don't know all the words" (thanks to Robert Gilpen for this identification). There is a Tighten Up Jam starting about 4 minutes in to Dancin.' There is a The Main Ten Jam in Dark Star from 16:03 to 20:30. GDTRFB has additional lyrics ("Mama told me son don't go down there ..."); there is a brief Mountain Jam starting around 5:10 of GDTRFB.

For listening to this show, probably the best of the year, we now have Jack Warner's magnificent composite 4-CD set. His notes & timings for this set follows; after then there is a catalog of the AUD masters for this show.

Disc One 57:35
Acoustic Set
1. Dire Wolf 5:23
2. I Know You Rider 10:16
3. Dark Hollow 4:37
4. Rosalie McFall 4:07
5. El Paso 6:17
6. Operator 4:34
7. Ripple 5:38
8. Friend of the Devil 5:24
9. Wake Up Little Susie 4:34
10. Uncle John's Band 6:42

Disc Two 55:24
NRPS set
1. /Six Days on the Road 2:57
2. /Superman 3:26
3. /Whatcha Gonna Do 4:27
4. /Glendale Train 5:14
5. /All I Ever Wanted 7:49
6. /Fair Chance to Know 3:57
7. /Portland Woman 5:32
8. /Cecilia 4:21
9. /Truck Drivin' Man 3:10
10. /Last Lonely Eagle 6:37
11. /Louisiana Lady 3:39
12. /Honky Tonk Women 4:55

Disc Three 51:24
Electric Set
1. Morning Dew 11:32
2. Me and My Uncle 3:23
3. Mystery Train > 3:39
4. My Babe 3:15
5. Around and Around 3:21
6. New Orleans > 4:32
7. Searchin' 6:10
8. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 10:32
9. Casey Jones 4:55

Disc Four 75:26
1. Truckin' > 8:36
2. Dark Star > 16:37
3. The Main Ten > 5:36
4. Dancin' in the Stars Jam > 3:05
5. Dancing In The Street 10:49
6. Drums > 0:28
7. Not Fade Away > 4:44
8. Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad > 8:00
9. Not Fade Away > 2:38
10. Drums > 0:28
11. Good Lovin' > 1:58
12. Drums > 4:12
13. Good Lovin' 8:13

*Bulk of show is AUD MR>C>D>CD, from Marty Weinberg's master, recorded
from the front of the balcony with a Uher 7" reel-to-reel machine
*Dire Wolf, I Know You Rider, 0:00-0:29 of Dark Hollow, 0:00-0:05 of El
Paso, 0:00-0:09 of Operator, 0:00-0:07 of Ripple, 0:00-0:12 of FOTD,
and 0:00-0:15 of UJB are AUD MC>C>D>CD, from Ken Leigh's master,
recorded from the front of the balcony with a Sony TC-110 cassette
deck. This master also provides all the between-song tuning and
banter from the acoustic set.
*0:00-1:48 of Morning Dew, 0:00-0:07 of Around and Around, 7:55-8:48 of
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue, 0:00-0:06 of Truckin', and 2:10-6:42 of Dancing In The Street
are AUD MC>C>R>D>CD, from Ken Leigh's master.
*2:06-2:10 of Dancing In The Street is AUD MC>C2>D>CD, from Ken Leigh's
*3:06-4:52 of Rider is patched from an unknown third master.

Notes: *No noise reduction has been performed. I have used SoundForge
only to normalize levels and smooth cuts and fades.
*The beginnings of all of the tunes from the NRPS set are missing
from the reel master. Unfortunately, there is no known master
which can provide these pieces.
*A small master tape pause obscures the transition to Dark Star.
No more than a few seconds of music are missing.
*There is a small master reel glitch at 0:40 of Dancin' in the
***Caveat emptor: I have tried to be fairly thorough, but there
may be a few other small anomalies on this recording. We are
after all talking about an audience recording from 1970.***

TAPES OF 11/8/70

Since no SBD survives in the vault of this alltime classic show we are especially lucky that there are parts of four AUD masters in circulation.

The best master as far as sound, 1AUD was recorded from the balcony by Marty Weinberg with a Uher reel-to-reel deck. It is recognizable by the following defects: The 1AUD acoustic set master is missing Dire Wolf and I Know You Rider entirely (many copies of this master patch these tunes in from 2AUD or from 4AUD, others don't). All copies of 1AUD are missing nearly all the pauses between songs in the acoustic, including part of the Godzilla discussion and a number of other comments from the band; these cuts are on the master, the results of Weinberg's characteristically heavy hand on the pause button. The 1AUD master of the electric set is missing the opening 1:46 of Morning Dew, the 1st 9 seconds of Around And Around, 1:02 of Jamming in It's All Over Now, Baby Blue starting at 7:37, the first 3 seconds of Truckin', the first couple seconds of Dark Star, and 4:19 of Jamming from Dancin, starting at 2:06. (Some copies in circulation patch the beginning of Morning Dew with 2AUD; some patch the middle of Dancin with 2AUD, and of these some return to 1AUD for the last 3:56 of Dancin and others continue with 2AUD through to the end of the song. Also, many circulating tapes that start with 1AUD and patch through to the end with 2AUD continue through to the end of the show with 2AUD's version of the concluding sequence, NFA through Good Lovin', despite the fact that 2AUD's GDTRFB is missing fully 3 minutes of Jamming starting at 4:12..)

The 2AUD master was recorded by Ken Leigh with a Sony TC-110 with a built in mic, also apparently from the balcony. Besides this cut in GDTRFB, which includes the brief Mountain Jam, the 2AUD master of this sequence is distinguished by a woman saying "hey, more" during the opening NFA Drums. 2AUD has more audience noise than 1AUD. It is not widely circulated except fragmentarily as patches in Dew and Dancin on copies of 1AUD, but the complete acoustic set and all of the electric set except New Orleans > Searchin and Truckin' through Dancin can be found; there is no sign of the NRPS set in 2AUD. The 2AUD acoustic set tape contains the entire set continuously, including the Space between songs and makes a better way to listen to this brilliant set. The I Know You Rider has 1:40 cut starting around 3:00. All circulating copies of 2AUD are missing the last minute plus of Uncle John's Band; some copies patch this in from 1AUD but many don't. Clearly on several occasions people have taken partial or complete versions of 1AUD and 2AUD and assembled various combinations of the two tapes to make more nearly complete versions of the show -- other combinations besides those noted above.

3AUD has only recently come into circulation. It was made on a Sony dictaphone but apparently not by Dave Tamarkin, though perhaps by his brother Jeff; its sound quality improves as it progresses; probably the mic was moved closer to the PA in the course of the performance. 3AUD contains only the electric set; it is the only master that includes the opening 3 seconds of Truckin' and the first bar of NFA; it is missing 0:47 of Good Lovin' starting 5:40 after Drums [4:07]. Most circulating copies of 1AUD require speed correction, whereas copies of 3AUD are more likely to be good speed.

4AUD is represented in circulation only by Dire Wolf and I Know You Rider, used to patch some old copies of the 1AUD acoustic set. The 4AUD I Know You Rider is complete, whereas the 2AUD Rider has 1:40 cut starting around 3:00. 4AUD's I Know You Rider lacks this cut, and so includes additional vocals and an extended guitar solo. It is possible that some patches on old copies of 1AUD which are assumed to be from 2AUD are in fact from 4AUD. It would be great to turn up the complete master of this tape.

On the best AUD master right before Casey Jones a guy near the mic (the taper?) says "It's going to be a night full of surprises" and a woman says back "really!" like she knows it & she's stoked to the max. I'd love to meet her.
Recordings 250 AF 135 A? 135 A? 10 A?
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