Band Grateful Dead
Venue Club Agora
Location Columbus, OH
Date 11/29/70 - Sunday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [48:33] ; Intro [0:06] ; Hello Trouble [3:02] ; [0:36] ; I Don't Know You [3:44] % Whatcha Gonna Do [4:06] ; [1:02] ; Portland Woman [6:07] % Glendale Train [4:52] % Cecilia [3:59] % Delilah [3:20] ; [0:40] ; All I Ever Wanted [6:37] ; [0:12] % Sweet Lovin One [3:39] % Louisiana Lady [#1:04] > Honky Tonk Women [4:59] ; [0:13]
Two [1:55:27] ; Tuning [0:07] ; Don't Ease Me In [3:29] > Cumberland Blues [4:46] ; [0:14] ; Beat It On Down The Line [2:48] ; [0:34] % Next Time You See Me [3:40] ; [0:21] ; Morning Dew [9:#49] % Truckin' [7:26] > Drums [6:53] > The Other One [13:#06] > Me And My Uncle [3:10] ; [0:29] ; Casey Jones [4:34] ; [0:12] % Dire Wolf [3:56] % Me And Bobby McGee [4:56] ; [0:02] % [0:16] ; Brokedown Palace [5:28] ; [0:24] % Good Lovin' [19:50] ; [1:17] ; Sugar Magnolia [5:05] ; [0:45] ; Loony Tunes Tuning > Tuning Jam > Spring Song Tuning > Tuning Jam [2:00] > Not Fade Away [5:00] > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [#2:04] > Not Fade Away [0:29] > Jam [0:51] > Not Fade Away [1:20#]
Comments Total time 2:44:00 +. Andrew Smith, who attended the show, confirms that this concert consisted of a single NRPS set followed by a single long electric Dead set. Most circulating tapes have the contents re-arranged somewhat, presumably to fit onto cassettes from reel masters.

SET 1 is NRPS with Garcia, pedal steel. Besides the stub-end of Louisiana Lady and the clips between songs this appears to be the complete set.

SET 2 is this single long electric Dead set, complete except for clips between songs, a cut in Dew at 7:17, a cut in the Jam out of Truckin' at 6:52, a very brief cut (probably a drop-out) at 12:29 into The Other One, and two cuts in the Not Fade Away sequence. It's possible the opening Drums of Good Lovin' have been clipped on the circulating tape but this Good Lovin' doesn't have a drum duo in the usual place either -- the drummers start one their duo at the regular spot (2:04) but Jerry just keeps on Jamming and after a few seconds the rest of the band kicks in behind him too. This monster Good Lovin' is also interesting for the way it anticipates the Pigpen rap versions of '71.

The tape cuts just as they are going into the Goin' Down The Road theme at 5:00, and resumes seven seconds later during the final vocals of this tune, passing into the Bid You Jam that usually concludes the tune within about a minute -- that is, we are missing most of the song, several minutes at the least. After just 29 seconds of Not Fade Reprise Jamming, Jerry takes this into a unique little Jam that lasts for 51 seconds and then shifts back to Not Fade. The tape cuts for good 1:20 later, during the beginning of the Not Fade vocals Reprise. Altogether we must be missing at least 5-6 minutes from this sequence.

This is a high energy show in many respects. Jerry seems unusually keyed up. It's not too bad a job of AUD taping, either, though not optimal by any means. The mics probably moved closer to the PA between the NRPS and electric sets. Thereafter the mics sound like they're not too far back in the hall -- they are fairly well-saturated but there's still some hall resonance and bass boom; audience noise isn't too bad.
Recordings 164 A?
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