Band Grateful Dead
Venue The Matrix
Location San Francisco, CA
Date 11/29/66 - Tuesday posters tickets, passes & laminates
Two Me And My Uncle [3:47] ; Same Thing [11:35] ; Stealin' [2:51] ; Big Boy Pete [2:46] ; One Kind Favor [5:05] ; Early Morning Rain [2:15] ; Cold Rain And Snow [3:04] ; Viola Lee Blues [10:23]
Three Down So Long [3:29] ; Something On Your Mind [4:36] ; Lindy [2:48] ; Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [10:06] ; I Just Want To Make Love To You (1) [3:18]
Comments Other artist(s): Jerry Pond. To see the Concert Art: to listen to the show using "Real Audio": David Sorochty & Teddy GoodBear: the list in Deadbase is incorrect. Early Morning Rain and Cold Rain and Snow are before Viola Lee Blues in set 2 of this show, not the "2/23/66" tape. Source for Cream Puff War as listed as set 1 in DeadBase X unidentified (see 5/19/66). Some cassettes in circulation do have the songs as listed in Deadbase X. David Sorochty & Teddy GoodBear recap of DeadBase X: DeadBase X and our notations in parenthesis - Set 1: Cream Puff War. (see 5/19/66) Set 2: Same as DeadLists Set 2 (see above 11/29/66), except DeadBase X do not list 'Early Morning' & 'Cold Rain'. They list it on 2/23/66. Set 3: Same as DeadLists Set 3 (see above 11/29/66). DeadBase Footnote: this is probably from more than one show, dates unknown. (1) "Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" tuning after 'I Just Want'. DeadBase X [under 'mislabelled tapes']: tapes with this date are a mixture of at least two shows which may actually all be from The Matrix. The time frame of this material seems to span from January to December of 1966. Sometimes this tape shows up dated 2/23/66. We have this date listed as "location unknown" but whether the Dead actually played that night remains a mystery. David Sorochty: Here is *some* of the in-between talking that should clarify the sets and the reason why I'm sure that Early Morning Rain and Cold Rain and Snow really do go where we say they do - Side a - SET 2: Jerry: "I'd like to start off the second set with a Cowboy song." ?: "Cowboy song." Jerry: "Cowboy song." Me and My Uncle, Same thing. Jerry: "an old jug band song - it's called Stealin'" Jerry: "just Stealin'" Stealin' Jerry: "thank you" ?: "Ha, ha, ha" Jerry: "gonna do a rock and roll song" Jerry: "famous old rock and roll song" Bobby: "for all you old geezers" Big Boy Pete Jerry: "thank you" Jerry: "So much for our lights" one Kind Favor ?: "Jerry" Bobby: "We already did that one." Jerry: "We're changing our name to comedy relief." ?: "comic relief" Jerry: "We're changing your name to... uh comic relief" ?: "Cold Rain and Snow" Jerry: "No, no - Early Morning Rain first" ?: "ha, ha, ha" Jerry: "I can't do it - I'm sick" Jerry: "Early Morning Rain? Early Morning Rain?" Pigpen: "Get outta here" Jerry: "Who's that out there?" various: "Marty, Marty, hey Marty, Marty, Marty" Jerry: "Yeah, with a half step then" Phil: "We're telling all our secrets" Early Morning Rain Jerry: "Doesn't sound at all like you remembered it - does it Marty?" Jerry: "thank you kindly" Phil: "Nurse - could we have another Coca Cola up here please?" Jerry: "I could have done it too" Cold Rain and Snow ?: "Have another Coke." ?: "" Jerry: "Viola Lee Blues" ?: "yeah" Side B: Jerry: "What are you having to drink Phil?" Phil: "Just plain Coke, plain old Coke" Jerry: "Plain old, good old, happy old Coca Cola." Bobby?: "If you will." Pigpen: "Ever feel like you needed windshield wipers on your contact lenses?" Jerry: "Can't make it work - how do you make it work?" Jerry: "Ouch!" ?: "Want a chair to stand on Jerry?" ?: "All right what is it?" ?: "Hey that's pretty good" Jerry: "I like that" Jerry: "The name of this song is - uh - Viola - Lee - Blues Viola Lee Blues ?: "thank you" Jerry: "That's the end of the second set, we'll be back a little later with the third set; the third and final set. In other words that set was the second to the final set." Set 3: Down So Long Jerry: "thank you" Something on Your Mind ?: "thank you" Lindy, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl Pigpen: "thank you" I Just Want to Make Love to You Jerry: "Well it's about that time again" Merry-Go-Round tuning Pigpen: "Bye - we all knew that part" Jerry: "In spite of it all...." I have no doubt that this is all one show. In fact there really isn't any reason to think that it's not. It's just that we only have (mid 1998) tapes of sets 2 and 3 (and they really are sets 2 and 3). Maybe set 1 was never recorded or its just that it doesn't circulate if it does exist. I also know why DeadBase does their lists the way they do: First as I described above I think they have one of the 2/23/66 tapes with the Early Morning Rain and Cold Rain and Snow from 11/29/66 added on as filler. Second there are some tapes of 11/29/66 Sets 2 and 3 that are missing Early Morning Rain and Cold Rain and Snow on side a and have #Viola Lee at the end of side a instead (without the in between talking) and then just set 3 on side :B. That version is missing the talking before Viola Lee that is key to understanding that those other two songs fit in where they do and this really is all one show. Without the continuing talk about requesting Coca Colas before and after Cold Rain and Snow and also before the complete Viola Lee Blues you wouldn't know that. That is what they must have and that is why their lists are like that. I have the better more complete version of 11/29/66 Sets 2 and 3. I also had one of the other versions. I have never had a copy with Cream Puff War that cuts at the beginning of side a on my 11/29/66. I do kind of wonder where it really goes, that is the only thing in doubt. it is possible that it is only on some 2/23/66 tapes but I'm not sure of that. Maybe the DeadBase folks saw a set 2 and 3 from one show and this other set that looked kind of like a set 1 and they combined them in their books for a while. I think that is the source of all the confusion. The doubt about 11/29/66 being from a single show is just in their minds because they don't have the most complete copy where you can figure this out.
Recordings 74 SB. The complete list circulates In SBD.
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