Band Grateful Dead
Venue Fillmore Auditorium
Location San Francisco, CA
Date 11/19/66 - Saturday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One Cold Rain And Snow [3:05] ; Hi-Heel Sneakers [4:07] ; Pain In My Heart [2:52] ; Beat It On Down The Line [2:24] ; Cream Puff War [7:27] ; Same Thing [9:59] ; He Was A Friend Of Mine [4:32] ; Dancin' In The Street [5:59#]
Two Smokestack Lightning [8:41] > King Bee [5:23] ; Midnight Hour [18:09]
Comments The set list previously identified with this date is believed to actually be the Winterland show on 3/17/66. See that date for more information

To see Wes Wilson Concert Art: to listen to the show using "Real Audio": thayer Jennings: Bill Graham introduces the band before Cold Rain and Snow - (cut)"...igpen, on organ and vocals; on the left, rhythm guitar and vocals, Mister Bob Weir; on bass and vocals, Mister Philip Lesh; on drums, in striped t-shirt, Mister Bill Summer; on the far left, on lead guitar and vocals, the Charles Atlas of the psychedelic set; the Grateful Dead." the reasoning for listing Cold Rain before Hi-Heel Sneakers - * the tape is ordered this way -- there *is* a splice between Cold Rain andHi-Heel Sneakers, but *not* between Pain I.M.H and BIODTL. * Bill Graham's intro is before Cold Rain. Would the introduction have come *after* a couple songs??? (I kind of doubt it). DeadBase X [under 'Tape timings']: After Pain in My Heart -- Pigpen: "Thank you." Before BIODTL -- ?: "It's Over." -- Jerry: "It seems like it's just begun. What can I say here after I say this? Good evening. The number tonight... everybody check your coupons... The lucky number tonight is ten." Phil: "What? Hey, wait a minute, How many?" Jerry: How many? Eleven? Eleven. Pardon me." Phil: "The magic number is eleven." BIODTL -- 11 beats. Short tuning ditty before He Was a Friend. Tape cuts into and out of Teddy Bear's Picnic before Smokestack. After Midnight Hour -- Pigpen: "Thank You." David Sorochty: Filler on tape - unidentified You See a Broken Heart, is from 3/12/66. The common tapes, including mine, have this order: Hi-Heel Sneakers Pain in My Heart -----------------------splice------ Cold Rain and Snow -----------------------splice------ Beat it on Down the Line Cream Puff War Same thing He Was a Friend of Mine (Dancin' in the Street is missing) in fact I had always thought that was the right order. I never doubted it and that is how its been listed in DeadBase too. Notice that there is a splice right before and after Cold Rain and Snow and that intoduction is missing. I'm willing to accept that my tape was out of order and it also had the intro cut out. But something about that seemed strange because I was absolutely positive that I had heard at least part of that "Charles Atlas" introduction before. But how could that be possible? I've only ever had one copy of 11/19/66 and its not on there. Then I saw a post from Bart Wise where he said in regards to 2/12/67: "I checked out my copy of 2/12/67 last night. Mine also has the Smokestack in between the other two songs and runs: Bill Graham Intro -no audible cut-, Cold Rain and Snow % -cuts in-, Smokestack Lightning -cuts out-, % -cuts in- Hi Heeled Sneakers. Bill Graham's intro is chopped up and reads: '...and on the far left...and on the lead guitar and vocals...the Charles Atlas of the psychedelic set...the Grateful Dead.' and without an audible cut, Cold Rain and Snow." there it was again, the "Charles Atlas" introduction right before Cold Rain and Snow with no splice. That was exactly where I recalled hearing it from - my 2/12/67 tape! it didn't seem likely that the same intro would be used twice right before they start playing the same song. I wondered if 2/12/67 might be a bogus mislabeled partial copy of 11/19/66? Even though I didn't have the intro on my 11/19/66 tape I compared the two versions of just the song Cold Rain and Snow by cueing them up so they were in perfect sync with each other and listening to them simultaneously. I did this several times and found that they are note for note identical. The real clincher was at the very end of the song in the last second or so there is some yelling from the audience that is also on both tapes which occurs just as it quiets down, but before the music finally stops. You can just barely hear it, but two people yell out what sounds like "Hey" and "Yeah" in quick succession. It sounds almost like one word "HeyYeah". Its kind of hard to hear, but its there on both tapes. These are definitely the same versions. I then checked the two versions of Hi-Heeled Sneakers and there is some reverb at the beginning of 2/12/67 which is not on 11/19/66 (this was mentioned by Bart). The reverb dies down after a minute or less though for the most part. Aside from that they do seem to be played the exact same way on both tapes. In fact there is one time where Jerry sings the word "Sneakers" and his voice kind of catches and cracks a little. That is definitely on both tapes which is kind of odd in itself. I checked the two versions of Smokestack and those seemed at first to be close, but the 2/12/67 Smokestack runs slow compared to the one from 11/19/66. They do definitely come from the same time frame where they played the song the same exact way. Even all of the ooo-oohs and aaah-aaahs from Pigpen match up just right. The speed difference is significant and again I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that they are the very same rendition but they are at least very close time frame wise. Smokestack gets cut off on 2/12/67 so you can't check for some strange identifiable yells from the audience right at the end of the song. The interesting thing is that 2/12/67 has been around for a long time and 11/19/66 just came out of hiding all of a sudden at the same time as 3/18/67 did back in 1989. (I checked the Smokestack on 3/18/67 and its not the same as the one on 2/12/67 for sure). The bottom line is that I'm convinced "2/12/67" is some sort of a compilation tape. I'm convinced that the intro, Cold Rain and Snow and Hi-Heeled Sneakers are definitely from 11/19/66. However the Smokestack (which might actually be a studio recording) seems to be played *very* similarly to the version on 11/19/66, but there may be some differences and no clincher to really prove it is the same as the 11/19/66 version. Maybe some other tape will show up from this time frame which will turn out to be the real source for that song. Other artist(s): James Cotton Blues Band, Lothar & the Hand People.
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Contributors Jeff Tiedrich, Thayer Jennings, David Sorochty, Teddy GoodBear, Adrian M. Johnson, Bart Wise, Jim Powell
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