Band Grateful Dead
Venue Shrine Auditorium
Location Los Angeles, CA
Date 11/10/67 - Friday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One Viola Lee Blues [14:16] ; [0:08] % [0:22] ; It Hurts Me Too [3:53] ; [0:07] % Beat It On Down The Line [0:00] % [0:22] ; Morning Dew [6:22] % Intro [0:46] ; Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [10:17] ; [0:03] % Cryptical Envelopment [1:25] > That's It For The Other One [3:50] > Cryptical Envelopment [6:03] ; [0:03] % [0:06] ; Alligator [3:22] > Drums [0:38] > Alligator [7:20] > Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) [22:20] > Feedback [1:50] ; [0:17] %
Comments "Amazing Electric Wonders" - Other artist(s): Buffalo Springfield ; Blue Cheer. Jeff Tiedrich: "There's a bit of a mystery here. The Alligator>Caution that appears on both the 11/10/67 and 11/11/67 tapes are identical -- even on the vault reels! it is unknown which of the two dates these songs belong to, but it's not unreasonable to presume that 11/10 is the original and 11/11 is the copy. The best explanation (read: speculation) is that someone copied the 11/10/67 Alligator>Caution onto the end of the 11/11/67 reels. The master reels for these two shows were not originally in the Dead's vault -- they were stored at Warner Brothers, which is presumably where all this mysterious copying took place." Jim Powell: "The introduction preceding Schoolgirl features Jerry suggesting people use the time between songs to order a pizza, take off their clothes, get high, hoot and jeer at the performers." David Sorochty: "There is another Cryptical-->Other one--->Cryptical sequence on the Shrine '67 tapes currently listed as being from the 11/10/67 show, which definitely is not duplication of the other one (i.e. The 11/11/67 version). The two versions have slightly different lyrics. It is not duplication of any other version in circulation. Maybe they did play it both nights. If more information comes to light about this sequence and its correct date, then its status may change. This is another mystery about these tapes. These are the lyrics of the version identified as from 11/10/67: '...two, three, four' Cryptical Envelopment > that's it For the Other one I woke up this morning, my head was not in sight. I would ask the walls about it, but they vanished overnight. I could not think or spell my name, or fly their words away. The heat came round and busted me for smiling on a cloudy day. Comin', comin', comin' around... etc. Escapin' through the lilly fields, when I came across an empty space. It quivered and exploded, left a bus stop in its place. Well a bus came by and I got on, that's when it all began. There was Cowboy Neal, at the wheel, of a bus to never-ever land. Comin', comin', comin' around... etc. Cryptical Envelopment Jerry: 'thank you' David Sorochty and Teddy GoodBear: these shows originally circulated together out of order on two cassettes labeled as '11-8,9-67' and as '11-10,11-67', however they only played two dates - the 10th and the 11th. Some tapes have the studio versions of Born Cross-Eyed and Dark Star which we list under 11-14-67 (see below) and others do not. When the studio songs are there, they are at the beginning of the side which continues with it Hurts Me too from 11-10-67. To confuse things, some of the tapes in circulation have sides a and B reversed compared to others. Both copies of Feedback usually are cut off by the end of the tape sides, although our timings listed come from copy which does not get cut. Other songs also can get cut on one person's tape and not on another's. Beat it on Down the Line is not on these cassettes, but reportedly is on other tapes of these shows. It's apparent that there are several different transfers from reels to cassettes in circulation. They are very confusing to say the least. The first tape usually came labeled as '11/8&9/67'. Side A: 11-14-67 Studio recordings: Born Cross-Eyed Dark Star 11/10/67 Part 2 (labeled as 11/09/67) it Hurts Me too Morning Dew (Jerry speaks) Good Morning Little Schoolgirl Cryptical Envelopment > that's it For the Other one > Cryptical Envelopment Side B: 11/11/67 Part 1 (labeled as 11/08/67) Lovelight Death Don't Have No Mercy Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 11/10/67 Part 3 (labeled as 11/09/67) Viola Lee Blues the second tape usually came labeled as '11/10&11/67': Side A: Is all of this 11/11/67 Part 3? (labeled as 11/10/67) New Potato Caboose *Alligator > Drums > Alligator > Caution > Feedback# *Before start Alligator compared to the other version: NO Brief guitar feedback or whistle, NO Pigpen saying anything, real brief Alligator tuning before start and Pigpen says what sounds like "3" and "hey" at the start. Side B: 11/11/67 Part 2 (labeled as 11/10/67) Cryptical Envelopment > that's it For the Other one > Cryptical Envelopment 11/10/67 Part 3? (labeled as 11/11/67) **Alligator > Drums > Alligator > Caution > Feedback# **Before start Alligator: Brief guitar feedback or whistle, Pigpen says something?, brief Alligator tuning before start and Pigpen says what sounds like "3" or "hey" at the start. They are different, (slightly). It's very possible that both versions are the same on my tapes, since the cut in the middle is about the same timing minus the different tunings before the start. The two copies of Alligator > Drums >Caution > Feedback on these tapes apparently are the same performance, and we don't know which date it's really from. Usually it gets cut off by the end of the tape side (at a different spot in each copy). It is listed under 11/10/67 for now, but if more information comes to light, then its status may change."
Recordings (90) SB. Master reel > 1 reel generation > DAT > circulation. Circulates mislabeled 11/8-11/67. To listen: < > A floorplan of the Shrine Auditorium is available at this site:
Master recording source(s): 10inch Master Reels@7.5ips1/2trk
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Contributors Jeff Tiedrich , Jim Powell , Teddy GoodBear , Adrian M. Johnson , "The Art Of Rock" book p.278, David Sorochty .
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