Band Grateful Dead
Venue The Warehouse
Location New Orleans, LA
Date 1/31/70 - Saturday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [48:02] ; Intro [0:17] ; Cold Rain And Snow [5:30] ; [0:22] ; Mama Tried [2:41] ; [1:57] ; Dire Wolf [3:56] ; [0:36] ; Big Boss Man [4:47] ; [0:21] ; Morning Dew [10:09] ; [0:25] ; Mason's Children [6:#08] ; [0:15] ; Me And My Uncle [3:13] ; [0:12] ; Hard To Handle [6:31] ; [0:32]
Two [22:23] ; Tuning [0:30] ; Long Black Limousine [4:55] ; [0:52] ; Seasons Of My Heart [4:48] ; [0:21] ; Sawmill [2:51] ; [1:00] ; Old, Old House [3:39] ; [0:17] ; The Race Is On [2:55] ; [0:26]
Three [35:25] ; Black Peter [7:13] > Little Sadie [3:24] > I've Been All Around This World [3:03] ; [1:14] ; Katie Mae [4:23] ; [2:19] ; Cumberland Blues [3:28] ; [0:21]
Comments Total time [1:35:54]. After Hard To Handle Bobby says "We've got a busted amplifier here." -- Jerry interjects "We've got a severe technical problem" while somebody shouts "hey Bear, hey Bear" in the background, and Bobby continues "So you guys can hang out and chatter amongst yourselves and feel free to wander around and make friends and do whatever you like to do in short while we try to work it out." Horrible noises seem to come from Phil's amp.

The tape pauses here; it's not clear whether there was a full break between Hard To Handle and Long Black Limousine. Long Black Limousine is Jerry and Bobby on acoustic guitars, Phil tries to play but drops out after his amp continues to sputter static. Jerry switches to electric with Sawmill. After The Race Is On Jerry announces that "we're going to take a break within the break -- we're still working on Phil's bass frantically in the background."

Apparently the problem remained unsolved because when the next set begins it is still just Jerry and Bobby acoustic. Pigpen does Katie Mae and Phil joins in on vocals for Cumberland. Before Cumberland Jerry can be heard proposing that they do Cumberland first, then Uncle John to end the set. The tape breaks off after Cumberland, however. It seems possible that this represents the entire Dead performance for this date, although normally you'd expect more electric Dead. Fleetwood Mac and The Flock were also on the bill (DeadBase IX).

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01/31/70 The Warehouse, New Orleans La - comple dte
4.7, 098min, Sbd, A1D0, Reel M->Cass 1->Dat 0, 48k,
7inch Master Reel@7.5ips 1/2trk->Tascam 122mkIII Cass 1st Gen->3800 x 0
Recordings 98 SB
Master recording source(s): 7inch Master Reel@7.5ips 1/2trk
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